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‘Pokémon GO’ 0.59.2 Update Released; Empty Sightings, Gym Lags And More SOLVED

Just after ending the in-game Water Festival in “Pokémon GO,” Niantic Labs announced on social media that a new version of its Android app is rolling out to players. However, the news was met with complaints from Trainers who noticed serious issues with the game that they want addressed as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, Niantic took to Twitter to announce to players that “Pokémon GO” version 0.59.2 is rolling out to Android users. The developer also indicated in the tweet that this update comes with minor bug fixes only.

Right away, the announcement was met with negative reactions and complaints from players who are not pleased with how the game is performing lately. The issues Pokémon Trainers raised were mostly about the empty or disappearing sightings, the lags in Pokémon Gyms, random crashes, PokéStop turning speeds and many more.

“Hopefully it will stop making Pokémon disappear from the map right after they pop out,” one wrote in response to Niantic’s tweet. “I hope you’re fixing the severe lag issues many Android users are experiencing,” another commented.

On Reddit, many players echoed the same concerns. “I really hope they have fixed the Gyms. The lag is intolerable,” a user with the handle QuantumOverlord stated. Reddit user oldskoolforever wrote: “Hope this fixes the LAG issues that have appeared since 0.59.1. With luck, they’ll fix the dates on Eggs, too.”

Other players who already updated their app to the latest version also complained about the same issues. Reddit user chipfox stated: “Update: Gyms still suck worse than ever.” user brownsfan125 chimed in: “It’s terrible. I can’t do anything. I’m on WiFi and I still get constant network errors.” User MalleeBytes warned other players: “Please don’t install!!! I can no longer access game after update … Getting ‘failed to get game data from server’ error now.”

Here is the apk link for whom can’t use Google Play: