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Niantic’s Exciting Update (Finally)

Another Pokemon Go update has been released. What’s new in the most recent version of the game?

I think this will be those notably and exciting update ever released for Pokemon Go. Version 1.37.1 for iOS, and 0.67.1 for Android, includes the new gym system, a revolutionary revision that will fundamentally change the way the game is played. Niantic has said that the gyms which are disabled temporarily now will be enabled again once this update has rolled out to players.

The update brings a lot of changes and is mandatory for installation. We can say that this is the most significant update in the history of the game. It fundamentally changes the gameplay (as soon as the gyms are online again).

Now the levels and system of the prestige of the gyms are removed from the game – instead a “motivation system” of the Pokemon appeared. Each Pokemon in the gym now has an indicator of motivation, which is indicated by a red heart. Pokémon is constantly losing motivation and the coach needs to support her by feeding him berries. Also, along with the loss of motivation, the Pokemon loses some of the CP and is easier to defeat. After it loses all motivation, it will leave the gym.

In addition, now it is impossible to place two identical Pokémon in the gym. In total there will be 6 slots in the gym – and all the Pokémon that are placed in the gym must be different. You will fight with the defenders in the order in which they were placed in the gym. You do not have to fight every Pokemon – after any battle you can quit the battle.

In addition, the developer has implemented a system of icons for gaming . They can be obtained for actions in the gyms. The more you interact with a particular gym, the more you “pump” the icon of this gym. There are four types of icons: conventional, bronze, silver, gold. In addition to the collection value, the icons of the gyms affect which drop will drop from a certain gym.

And most importantly, the update adds a raid system to the game. It is not yet available and will be deployed in several stages.

The official change log is here:

– Gym features significantly updated to add the all-new motivation system.
– Added new Gym Badge feature.
– Added in-app and push notification system for Gyms.
– Added Raid Battles, a new cooperative gameplay experience.
– Added four new items available only by completing Raid Battles.
– Added Raids tab to Nearby screen.
– Added search functionality to Pokémon collection screen.
– Added visual indicator to unvisited PokéStops.

APK released on apkmirror.com: